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chapter 7 bankruptcy in alabama

Will the Bankruptcy Court Sell My Property?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Under certain conditions, bankruptcy trustees handling Chapter 7 cases are authorized to sell the debtor’s personal property or otherwise turn the property into cash (also known as “liquidating property”) and give that cash to their creditors. However, most people who qualify to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 don’t have any property that the… Read More »

Medical bills past due

Medical Bills Remain a Major Cause of Bankruptcies

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Surprise medical expenses can happen to anyone without warning. For the average person—even one with medical insurance—the sudden cost of thousands of dollars in bills for medical care isn’t something they can easily afford. In fact, many people face these circumstances and are unable to recover financially from the combination of being unable to… Read More »

FIle-Wage Garnishment

Wage Garnishment for Consumer Debts

By The Dansby Law Firm |

If you’re behind on your bills, you’ve probably received a lot of threatening phone calls or letters from debt collectors. These creditors may have threatened to start garnishing your wages if you don’t pay everything they claim that you owe, leaving you wondering, “can they do that?” Read on to learn about when and… Read More »


Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling Requirements

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision. While bankruptcy can be a great solution for people facing crushing debt, it comes with long-term consequences. For these reasons, the federal government requires every individual filing for bankruptcy to complete a credit counseling course prior to filing for bankruptcy. Learn more about these courses below. Pre-Filing… Read More »

bankruptcy law in Montgomery AL

Why Should You Hire an Attorney to Handle Your Bankruptcy?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

When you need to file bankruptcy, you’re looking to cut costs wherever you can. You may think it makes good financial sense to file your bankruptcy without using an attorney. It may seem foolish to consider paying someone for something you can do on your own. How hard could it be to fill out… Read More »

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