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Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your SSDI Application

Filing an SSDI Claim

If you have a disability that has left you unable to work, you’re likely feeling a lot of financial pressure. Whether you only provide for yourself or provide for a whole family, a sudden loss of income can be financially devastating. That’s why it is so frustrating for SSDI applicants to get denied when they are obviously too disabled to work. Before you hit “submit” on your application, there are some things you can do to make sure your application is as strong as possible.

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Double- and Triple-Check Your Application for Completeness

The Social Security Administration receives an unbelievable amount of SSI and SSDI applications every month. For this reason, incomplete applications are often denied outright. It’s an easy way to sift through applications and rule out those that don’t have necessary information. Before you submit, make sure you have provided every requested piece of documentation and answered every question in full.

Gather Thorough Medical Documentation

The more medical proof you can provide of your disability, the stronger your application will be. You might think it’s too much to provide paperwork of your last four failed treatments, but these documents show the SSA that you are trying to cure your disability and doing everything possible to get back to work. If there is any chance that your medical documentation is relevant to your disability claim, include it in your application.

Stay in Contact with Your Treating Physician

The Social Security Administration really values the input of your treating physicians. They have special insight into your condition that a doctor you see occasionally simply will not be able to provide. Maintain your relationship with your treating physician by going to all schedule appointments, adhering to their treatment plan, providing them requested information, and asking questions about your treatment.

Stick to Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan and Document Your Treatment Efforts

The Social Security Administration will want to see that you are actively trying to recover from your disability so you can reenter the workforce. If they look at your medical documentation and see that you frequently miss appointments, skip physical therapy appointments, or refuse to try different treatment options suggested by your doctor, that will raise a red flag. This may make them wonder whether you are truly trying to recover or if you simply want to collect benefits while remaining out of the workforce. Even if you are unsure about whether or not your doctor’s proposed plan will work, give is a good faith effort before writing it off entirely.

Track the Effects on Your Work

In addition to your medical documentation, you will want proof that your work is suffering because of your disability. This assumes, of course, that you are still working part-time or full-time while pursuing benefits. Keep track of days you have to stay home from work due to pain, limited mobility, or other side effects of your disability. Take note of days that you have to leave early because you are unable to fulfill your job functions. If you are put on light duty and your income is affected, jot down those dates as well.

Hire a Disability Attorney

If you truly want to submit the strongest and most complete application possible, take some time to consult with a disability attorney in your area. Attorneys who focus exclusively on disability cases know what it’s like to work with the SSA and they know what the SSA will be looking for in your application. They will be able to look at your application, identify weak spots, and fill them out with additional documentation or medical evidence. This can help you avoid the cycle of denial-appeal-acceptance that often delays applicants’ benefits.

Find Out How the Dansby Law Firm Can Help with Your SSDI Claim

The team at The Dansby Law Firm is committed to helping those with disabilities get the benefits they deserve. If you’re applying for SSDI benefits, let us guide you through the process. Set up a meeting now by calling us at 334-834-7001 or get in touch with us online.

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