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Can You Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits After Suffering a Stroke?

Stroke Social Security Disability Benefits

A stroke can be a life-altering event, affecting your physical health, cognitive well-being, and quality of life. While some people recover from a stroke with minimal losses, others struggle with cognitive and physical deficits for the rest of their lives. If your stroke leaves you permanently unable to work, you may want to look into disability benefits that can help you meet your financial obligations.

Wondering if you qualify for SSD benefits after a stroke? The team at The Dansby Law Firm is here to help. Our team of Montgomery disability benefits lawyers is committed to helping individuals like you pursue the benefits they deserve. Call us at 334-326-6449 to set up a consultation now.


How a Stroke Can Impact Physical and Cognitive Functioning

A stroke is the result of the brain losing partial or complete blood supply, either due to a blockage or sudden bleeding in the brain. The effects of a stroke can be devastating, and they often depend on where the blood supply is blocked and which brain lobes are affected. The side of the brain impacted also affects which limitations you have. A stroke on the left side of the brain, for example, can lead to physical deficits on the right side of the body; a stroke affecting the right side of the brain impacts your physical abilities on the left side of your body.


A stroke affecting the left side of the brain can cause a number of cognitive limitations, including speech and language deficits, memory loss, and a cautious approach to life in general. If the right side of the brain is impacted, the victim may experience vision loss, memory loss, and rash decision-making.


Some of the most severe outcomes come from brain stem strokes. A stroke affecting the brain stem can leave the individual in a locked-in state. While the patient may be conscious and aware of everything going on, they are generally unable to speak or move.


Securing SSD Benefits With a Stroke

The SSA Listing of Impairments includes strokes under 11.04, where it’s listed as a vascular insult to the brain. To qualify for SSD benefits with this qualifying impairment, an applicant’s symptoms must last for at least three consecutive months after the stroke. You must meet one of the three requirements listed below:


  • Sensory or motor aphasia that causes ineffective speech and communication
  • Limited motor function in at least two extremities, causing an extreme limitation in the ability to stand up from sitting, balance while walking and standing, or use the upper extremities
  • Marked limitation in physical functioning AND marked limitation in one of these areas of mental functioning: understanding and applying information, interacting with others, concentrating and persisting in a task, or managing one’s behaviors


As you can see, you may qualify with severe physical or cognitive limitations, as well as moderate limitations in physical and cognitive function.


Navigating the Application Process

Applying for SSD benefits may seem overwhelming, particularly if you’ve talked to others who have been denied benefits despite being significantly disabled. However, when you have a committed legal advocate by your side, you can submit the strongest application possible and understand exactly what the SSA is looking for.

The most important part of applying for SSD benefits is providing as much information and documentation as possible. Assume that the SSA knows nothing about your disability and its impact on your life, and from that starting point, provide as much proof as you can. This may include medical records from various specialists, documentation of your employment history and job duties, and proof of how your job duties are affected by your new limitations. Avoid key mistakes often made by new applicants.

Waiting for a decision can be excruciating, but it is unavoidable. Upon reviewing your application, the SSA will ask for more information, deny your application, or approve you for benefits. If you are initially denied, you have appeal options to explore.


Start Your SSD Application with The Dansby Law Firm

The team at the Dansby Law Firm is ready to support you as you apply for Social Security disability benefits. Set up a consultation with our Montgomery team now by calling us at 334-326-6449 or filling out our online contact form.



Can You Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits After Suffering a Stroke?

Wondering if you can get Social Security Disability Benefits after a stroke? Learn how The Dansby Law Firm in Montgomery can help you navigate the process. Call 334-326-6449 for a consultation.

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