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SSA Blue Book

How the SSA Blue Book is Used to Evaluate Impairments

By The Dansby Law Firm |

The SSA Blue Book is the best source of information regarding the SSA’s requirements and expectations for different impairments because when you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, the SSA will want proof that your condition is severe enough to qualify you. If you’ve never used the Blue Book before, keep reading to… Read More »

Social Security Disability Benefits

How Can Social Security Disability Benefits Be Affected by Changes in Living Arrangements?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are essential programs that provide financial support to people unable to work due to disability. There are many significant differences separating these programs, although they are both managed by the SSA. One key difference is how a change in living arrangements may affect your benefits. If… Read More »

Vocational Expert in Social Security Disability

The Role of a Vocational Expert in Social Security Disability Cases

By The Dansby Law Firm |

There are numerous aspects of your SSDI application that may be unfamiliar to you. Vocational experts play a key role in explaining your limitations and your ability to work. If you’re approaching this part of your disability application process, learn more about what vocational experts do and how they may affect your hearing. Looking… Read More »

Compassionate Allowances for SSD

What Are Compassionate Allowances for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

While applying for disability benefits can generally be time-consuming and stressful, that isn’t always the case. The Compassionate Allowances program makes it easier for people with certain diagnoses to start receiving benefits as quickly as possible. The SSA gathers information from the public to determine which diagnoses should be considered for Compassionate Allowances, and… Read More »

Mental Illness and Social Security Disability

Mental Illness and Social Security Disability

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Mental illness can be incredibly isolating, detrimental to your quality of life, and overwhelming. It should come as no surprise that a significant amount of people with severe mental health concerns struggle to find or keep a job. If your condition meets certain criteria, you may be able to receive disability benefits that can… Read More »

Filing an SSDI Claim

How Can Working Affect My SSD Disability Application?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

You’re disabled and struggling to work, but how can you quit and leave your family without any financial support? Unfortunately, applying for SSDI may put you in a bind when it comes to work. Working full-time will almost certainly impact your SSDI application, but not working full-time may make you feel like you’re at… Read More »

Filing an SSDI Claim

Ways to Increase the Chances of an SSD Claim Approval

By The Dansby Law Firm |

You’ve decided to apply for SSDI benefits. After working hard to establish yourself in your career and provide for your family, a disability has stolen your ability to work—and with it, your chance to take care of your loved ones. With the SSDI program, you may be able to receive monthly benefits that allow… Read More »

substantial gainful activity

What Does Substantial Gainful Activity Mean?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

If you are in the process of applying for disability benefits, you’ve likely come across the term “substantial gainful activity.” Those who are familiar with the SSA and the SSDI application process know this term well, but if this is your first experience with disability benefits, you may be confused. Learn more about what… Read More »

Mesothelioma law firm in Montgomery Alabama

Can Individuals with Mesothelioma Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

SSDI benefits provide financial support and stability to people with a substantial work history and a diagnosis that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in their death. Mesothelioma, known for being a particularly serious type of cancer, can leave individuals completely unable to work and support their families throughout their… Read More »

ssd for heart problems in Montgomery, Alabama

Can Individuals with Coronary Artery Disease Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Heart disease is a massive problem in the United States. Depending on the type of heart condition you have, it could cause a serious issue with your longevity, quality of life, and independence. If you suffer from coronary artery disease and have experienced issues staying active in the workforce as a result, you could… Read More »

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