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ssd for hypertension

Can Individuals with Hypertension Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Hypertension, either on its own or with other health problems, can have a serious negative impact on your quality of life. The heart is only meant to work so hard to supply blood to every part of your body, and continuous overwork can be extremely dangerous. If your high blood pressure has pushed you… Read More »

ssd for ptsd

Can Individuals with PTSD Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Post-traumatic stress disorder, generally shortened to PTSD, is a mental health disorder commonly caused by abuse, near-death experiences, sexual assault, military service, and other situations that cause lasting mental trauma. While most trauma heals with time, PTSD generally worsens with time if not treated and managed. Because it often leads to flashbacks, panic attacks,… Read More »

SSD for Schizophrenia

Can Individuals with Schizophrenia Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Known for its effects on thought processes, ability to perceive reality, emotional expression, and social interactions, schizophrenia is a mental health disorder that can have a serious limiting effect on an individual’s life. For some, schizophrenia is so severe that it limits or completely eliminates their ability to work. If you have been diagnosed… Read More »

can I get ssd for scoliosis?

Can Individuals with Scoliosis Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Scoliosis can be a debilitating condition that causes chronic pain, stiffness, and limited mobility. While more mild cases are likely to be more of an annoyance than an obstacle, those suffering from severe scoliosis may find themselves unable to work. If you have severe scoliosis that prevents you from working, you may wonder if… Read More »

ssd for spinal cord injury

Can Individuals with Spinal Disorders Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Spinal disorders can have a profound impact on an individual’s life, limiting their ability to work, move freely, and live without pain. If you’ve been diagnosed with a spinal disorder, you may wonder if you can receive Social Security disability benefits. You have paid into the Social Security system for the duration of your… Read More »

ssd for arthritis

Can People with Arthritis Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Arthritis is a debilitating condition that can negatively impact every part of your life, impeding your ability to work, take care of your home, and enjoy life. What happens if your arthritis gets so bad that you are no longer able to work at all? Social Security disability benefits may be an option for… Read More »

common mistakes on ssd applications

Common Mistakes on SSD Disability Applications

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Maybe you’ve already applied for SSD benefits and you just received your denial letter, or maybe you are ready to start your application and you want to avoid common mistakes. Either way, improving your SSD application is easy when you know the most common mistakes people make. Looking for more personalized advice regarding your… Read More »

can you lose your social security benefits?

Can You Lose Your Social Security Disability Benefits in Alabama?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

You’ve gone through the entire process of applying for SSD benefits, getting your application approved, and receiving your monthly checks. Everything’s done now, right? While you have made it through a process that many people give up on, there is still the chance that you’ll lose your benefits. Benefits are not intended to be… Read More »

can I get social security benefits if my spouse works?

Can I Still Collect Disability Benefits If My Spouse Works?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Making ends meet can be hard, especially if one of your main sources of income is disability benefits. The rules associated with disability benefits are complex and ever-changing, leaving many recipients always wondering if their benefits are about to be cut off. This is further complicated by the fact that SSD and SSI have… Read More »

ssd for Fibromyalgia

Can Individuals with Fibromyalgia Qualify for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Chronic pain is a physical ailment that can also leave victims with mental trauma. The mental load of living with chronic pain, combined with the physical challenges of untreatable pain, can make it difficult or impossible to work. However, it can be difficult to get SSDI for fibromyalgia. Learn more about the barriers to… Read More »

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