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bankruptcy law in Montgomery AL

Will I Lose My Retirement or Social Security If I File for Bankruptcy?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

If you fall behind on your bills or are hit with an unexpected event such as an illness or unemployment, you might worry that filing for bankruptcy could jeopardize certain assets and benefits. This is a common concern, but the good news is that these benefits are generally safe when you file for bankruptcy… Read More »


How to Qualify for SSDI While Receiving VA Benefits

By The Dansby Law Firm |

It’s a common misconception that you can’t collect both SSDI and VA benefits at the same time. This simply isn’t the case as one does not negate the other. In fact, these are separate but mutually supportive agencies that will both pay disability benefits and provide essential health insurance for qualified veterans. The U.S…. Read More »

ssd benefits

Does a Heart Attack Increase My Chances for Social Security Disability Benefits?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

While having a heart attack is a serious health event that impacts you and your family, it alone isn’t enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that heart attacks affect about 790,000 Americans each year. Of those, more than a third have had a previous heart… Read More »

chapter 7 bankruptcy in alabama

Will the Bankruptcy Court Sell My Property?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Under certain conditions, bankruptcy trustees handling Chapter 7 cases are authorized to sell the debtor’s personal property or otherwise turn the property into cash (also known as “liquidating property”) and give that cash to their creditors. However, most people who qualify to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 don’t have any property that the… Read More »

mental illness image of a girl.jpg.crdownload

Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Illnesses and Disorders

By The Dansby Law Firm |

When most of us think of injuries that prevent us from going to work, we think of illnesses or conditions that physically prevent us from doing the tasks that make up our job. Some illnesses, while invisible to outside observers, can be just as disabling. If you are suffering from a serious mental illness… Read More »

bankruptcy documents

The Trustee’s Job in Your Bankruptcy Case

By The Dansby Law Firm |

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Alabama, it’s helpful to know how the process works, so that you will know what to expect and how best to be prepared. One important component of any Alabama bankruptcy case is the role of the trustee. Learn how a trustee affects your bankruptcy case, below. The… Read More »

Medical bills past due

Medical Bills Remain a Major Cause of Bankruptcies

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Surprise medical expenses can happen to anyone without warning. For the average person—even one with medical insurance—the sudden cost of thousands of dollars in bills for medical care isn’t something they can easily afford. In fact, many people face these circumstances and are unable to recover financially from the combination of being unable to… Read More »

Disability benefits sign

What is a Closed-Period Disability Claim?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Not all claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are indefinite. You might need help paying your bills for only a few months while you’re recovering from a procedure, or after healing from an injury or illness that took you out of work for a while. Even if you know you’ll heal, or… Read More »

chapter 7 vs chapter 13

Which is better – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Or should I try Debt Settlement instead?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the two most common types of bankruptcy cases filed by consumers (troubled businesses typically file Chapter 7 or Chapter 11). If you have been struggling with consumer debt (credit cards, medical bills, pay day loans, car loan, mortgage) and have been considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be… Read More »

Debt Relief

Be Wary of Debt Relief Companies

By The Dansby Law Firm |

If you’re deep in debt, you may feel desperate for a way out. There are many companies eager to take advantage of you while you’re in this state of fear about your future. Frequently, these companies offer solutions to your debt problems that seem too good to be true—and usually, they are. Certain debt… Read More »

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