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Which Medical Records Are Best for Winning My Social Security Disability Claim?

Which Medical Records Are Best for Winning My Social Security Disability Claim?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

If you’ve put some work into learning how to make your SSDI application as strong as possible, you likely already know the importance of in-depth medical records. The more medical evidence you have backing up your claim, the easier it is for the SSA to understand your disability and its limitations.  Knowing which types… Read More »

Stroke Social Security Disability Benefits

Can You Obtain Social Security Disability Benefits After Suffering a Stroke?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

A stroke can be a life-altering event, affecting your physical health, cognitive well-being, and quality of life. While some people recover from a stroke with minimal losses, others struggle with cognitive and physical deficits for the rest of their lives. If your stroke leaves you permanently unable to work, you may want to look… Read More »

Survivor Benefits social security benefits Montgomery Alabama

Survivor Benefits for Children of SSD Recipients

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Social Security disability benefits can be a lifeline for qualifying recipients. But when someone who receives these benefits passes away, their family can be left scrambling to make ends meet. That’s why the Social Security Administration awards survivor benefits to qualifying family members. In the wake of a loved one’s death, navigating financial challenges… Read More »

Widow Benefts Law Alabama

Things to Know About Widow Benefits Laws in Alabama

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Losing a spouse is one of the most universally painful experiences that humans ever have to go through. When you rely on your spouse financially, this time is even more traumatic. In addition to grieving your spouse, you struggle to figure out how you’ll meet your financial obligations. If your spouse was receiving Social… Read More »

arthritis SSD

How Severe Does Your Arthritis Need to Be to Qualify for SSD in Alabama?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Montgomery is full of hard-working Americans who take pride in doing great work and serving their communities. One of those workers is Michael. Once a dedicated warehouse manager, Michael’s life took a dramatic turn at age 54 when arthritis began to erode not just his joints, but also his ability to lead a normal… Read More »

social security disability bills

How Do I Pay My Bills While Waiting for A Decision on Social Security Disability?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Waiting for your Social Security Disability application to be approved is stressful, especially if you have financial obligations you’re struggling to meet. When you’re unable to work, the bills don’t stop coming in—and the Social Security Administration isn’t known for being speedy. In the meantime, what are you supposed to do? While there is… Read More »

SSA Blue Book

How the SSA Blue Book is Used to Evaluate Impairments

By The Dansby Law Firm |

The SSA Blue Book is the best source of information regarding the SSA’s requirements and expectations for different impairments because when you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, the SSA will want proof that your condition is severe enough to qualify you. If you’ve never used the Blue Book before, keep reading to… Read More »

Social Security Disability Benefits

How Can Social Security Disability Benefits Be Affected by Changes in Living Arrangements?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are essential programs that provide financial support to people unable to work due to disability. There are many significant differences separating these programs, although they are both managed by the SSA. One key difference is how a change in living arrangements may affect your benefits. If… Read More »

Vocational Expert in Social Security Disability

The Role of a Vocational Expert in Social Security Disability Cases

By The Dansby Law Firm |

There are numerous aspects of your SSDI application that may be unfamiliar to you. Vocational experts play a key role in explaining your limitations and your ability to work. If you’re approaching this part of your disability application process, learn more about what vocational experts do and how they may affect your hearing. Looking… Read More »

Compassionate Allowances for SSD

What Are Compassionate Allowances for SSD?

By The Dansby Law Firm |

While applying for disability benefits can generally be time-consuming and stressful, that isn’t always the case. The Compassionate Allowances program makes it easier for people with certain diagnoses to start receiving benefits as quickly as possible. The SSA gathers information from the public to determine which diagnoses should be considered for Compassionate Allowances, and… Read More »

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